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ip.pages and fields

Ali Majrashi

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the new IPS4 pages ship with nice set of fields but some lake options to control them or some are still missing from old IPB3 

missing fields from old vesion

  1. DateTime field
  2. ReleationShip field 

options needed or i think they are important

  1. Date field no option format the date - no option to accept date only - no option to accept time only - no option to accept both - no time picker 
  2. Editor field no option to disallow attachment upload - no option to chose which button needed for this editor field 
  3. Adress field no option to show map for a user to drop a pin to select location much easier for many users - no option to select which information needed to be inserted (like city name - country name only or with street name)
  4. Yes/No field do not have option to show hide other fields in the form 
  5. all fields need an option to allow repeated value to insert more than one value per field can safe time  
  6. ability to filter all fields specially Text, Yes/No, Email and Date fields 
  7. the ability to group fields and use the grouping as Tabs in Form edit/add template
  8. conditional select field. selected value can show another select field or deselecting value disable and hide it

field that i was dreaming about that maybe it will be release with the new ip.pages 

is matrix field i got database with 145 field all repeated fields with this type of field i can reduce them into 15 fields more clean and efficient 

here a demo http://buildwithcraft.com/features/matrix

ips4 already got all the above in core but i really hope they got implemented soon in ip.pages

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also continue on fields options 

  1. number field lake some control like max-min option and regex validation for advance use 
  2. member field no option to select desired group to search in or exclude from search 

on other general options related to ip.pages search 

if there is option to select which fields you want to search in this can be powerful filter option to get accurate search result 

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also one super needed thing if relationShip field would be released in future release 

is the ability to set a field do not allow duplicate entry 

so you can only create one record that link to another database record based on unique key

add the ability to set relationShip based on Record ID on old V3 we can not select the ID and we only limited to link into custom created fields

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  • 3 months later...

sorry to bring this up again but i really need many of the missing future and can't upgrade my 2 important site to IPS4 

we all know that the relationship fields is on the upcoming dev plan hopefully soon 

what about DateTime field the current date fields is ok but limited to date only we also need fields for time only and some fields for dateTime 

hope this also been considered for next release it's important field i use it alot in my IPB3 


thank you IPS team for the great work as always 

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this is big issue for me also

now i will convert my fancy editor ? to text fields to prevent my member uploading attachment on it until this get fixed or improved

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