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Databases have a special field called Record Image (or “Image” in the database form) which you can activate for each database. It’s automatically called in the article templates as kind of a thumbnail for the record. (But you can also set higher sizes)

All other image fields are optional. Check the fields for your article database to see what is going on there. It’s totally up to if and how to use those fields. 

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Hi Ralf,

To a newbie like me i don't particularly understand the difference.

So if I wanted to have the article image as the header (shown on the main site like a blog) and within the article, would this be changed within .cCmsRecord_image?

As when I upload an article image, on the main page it shows it but incorrect size. When in the article it's also the wrong size.

Just so it's clear to me what I have to amend in order for the article image to be the relevant size.

Cheers pal!

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