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Embed Code for External Site Forum Login

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Just a note -- I'm not super tech savvy, so appreciate your help with this. :)

We have a community hosted on IPS, and our main website landing pages basically have a link that point users to sign in the IPS /forum page.

For continuity and ease of access, we want to add the IPS login-box directly onto our WordPress website, rather than simply pointing them to the login page as we do now with a link, as it can be confusing for our fairly non-tech savvy users to find the sign in link or understand that while they are on our main WP site, they have to go somewhere else to sign in and actually participate in the community.

We'd like the login box to basically have the same fields and function (be managed by IPS) and to basically embed it so that it has the same look/feel as our CSS styles/etc. I'm trying to figure out how to do this by going through the support documentation but it isn't very clear / doesn't appear to be very simple. 

Can you advise, step by step, where we'd 1) get the embed code for our installation and 2) how to implement it so it works?

Please note the forums would be the only protected area of our site we really just want and easy and visible way for people to access the forums immediately; we are not needing to link or support other databases of users (no FB logins, and they do not need to login to the WP site which is pretty much just a "dashboard" / marketing vehicle).


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