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how to set nexus to automaticly create paypal SUBSCRIPTIONS

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So I set it to renew, set the price and set 30 days. I set the original package to 0 and have it include in the price. Now I had two purchases over night while I tried to figure out how to make it subscriptions and neither of them were subscriptions, just one time payments. How do I make it turn into a subscription?!

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Is this just not possible? Trying to create paypal subscriptions like the old subscriptions manager IPB had.. thats all I want to do >.< UGH


Not possible ..

Except if you do with PayPal Vault (direct card) .. but this is only for USA & UK (not sure) ..

Or you have to make use of the "Account Credit" .. where members can load their "Account Credit" and then subscriptions work .. this technique is use by many big companies, just to avoid pay gateway hassle .. credit/debit system in house is a good way ..



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