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Will speed/style of user mentions be improved?


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When you want to tag someone, even on these forums which are presumably well powered, the drop-down user box can still take a long time to pop-up. I just tried to tag @Andy Millne and typed in his name, but because of the lag for the pop-up, it now won't get tagged to him and there is no parsing to fix it. I know this has been raised before and that it's a hard thing to crack, but users will find it annoying having to type @And... then wait for 5-10 seconds just to tag one person?

PS. @Andy Millne  :D

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I'll sort of second this request. I would like to see some improvement. I am glad we have this feature but it could be better implemented as far as loading goes.

That being said, I don't really notice 5-10 seconds lag....I do notice it doesn't sometimes populate at all but when it does come up, it is usually instant or at worse a second or so lag.

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mention keyup here not issue for event.

on fast reply often it don't work... firefox mobile. or the position of menu is wrong (end of page)


the mention tool fail more times... editor same (paragraph)

popup hide after few seconds (1-2 on mobile)

i think the script don't check right while writing on mobile keyword (is too fast to check the @some word mention keyup event


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