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Call to Display Content in Feeds


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While perusing our 4.0 test site I have put up, and working with "Blocks" and such, I don't know if there already is a way and if there is, I'd appreciate a recommendation. Or here is a suggestion, while configuring the blocks for page content they leave our page with an empty feel, showing mainly text but for member avatars. I feel there should be a way to allow admin during the "Manage Blocks" stage to allow images and introduction text to be displayed in the feeds.

For example, the "Latest Topics", it would be really nice and beneficial to allow admin to be able to configure the block for "Introduction Text" and "Allow First Image" to display in the "Latest Topics" feed. This would provide higher engagement by the users.

The same can be said for "Recent Entries" for blogs, at this point there is only a title, and avatar. I feel there should be a way to allow "Introduction Text" and "Allow First Image" preview in the feed, again this would engage the viewer. The blocks need to provide a way to bring in partial content and images from the source.

As I type this, I am thinking I may have to go back to the ACP and dig deeper in the individual settings for blogs and forums, perhaps there is a setting to allow preview text and images.

That being said, the staff knocked it out of the park with this upgrade! I am in love with it, great layout, easy interface now, nice looking, just a joy to use, and I am completely happy. Thanks IP for working so hard on this one.


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