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Question about blocks and articles


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In IPB 3 it was possible to make blocks that only displayed one article/record. For example, I could make one block that only displayed the first article, I could then make another block that only displayed the second article, and so on. But I don't see any option to do this in Pages in IPB 4. Or am I blind or something? :rofl:

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You can limit a block to one record, but there is no offset parameter to show just the second or third and so on. 

​That's a shame. Do you know if IPS will (re-)implement such a feature in v4?


You can squeeze them out with CSS ..

something like .. remove the first .. the second will shift up automatically ..


.....  li:nth-child(1){
  display: none;

​Thanks for the tip! But hopefully IPS will re-add this feature in Pages again.

Please @Charles, make it happen! :sorcerer:

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