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where is media tag and recache sections in IP 4?


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There's no recache as such due to the way the data is stored now. I do miss my 'rebuild master skin data' though.

If you go to Support > "Something is not working" and just keep going through it until it wants to submit a ticket (stop at that point before you do) it should do a recache as well as various other things ie db check along the way.

You can empty the /datastore dir in some cases which will also force it to rebuild as that is (as far as I understand) the cache as such.


Unsure on the other question, as there is no 'media tag' as such it should auto embed quite a lot though.

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ok been having some intermittent issues with  <embed src= from clipbucket powered site.

cannot say its not source issue though.


so on youtube now we cannot just paste link we have to copy iframe and post html right?

only way I could get youtube to embed.

what about minify?

that gone too?





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