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Guidelines to footer


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How can i ad link to guidelines into footer, next to Contact form link?





Templates > Core > Front > Global > Footer >

Find this line .. and select everything between IF and ENDIF


{{if \IPS\Settings::i()->privacy_type != "none"}}


replace with this:

I've changed the "Privacy Policy" & "Guidelines" that it will have a popup window (like "Contact Us") .. then members not navigate away from the page where they're in ..


{{if \IPS\Settings::i()->privacy_type != "none"}}
	<li><a href='{{if \IPS\Settings::i()->privacy_type == "internal"}}{url="app=core&module=system&controller=privacy" seoTemplate="privacy"}{{else}}{setting="privacy_link"}{{endif}}' data-ipsdialog data-ipsdialog-title="{lang="privacy"}">{lang="privacy"}</a></li>
{{if \IPS\Settings::i()->gl_type != "none"}}
	<li><a href='{{if \IPS\Settings::i()->gl_type == "internal"}}{url="app=core&module=system&controller=guidelines" seoTemplate="guidelines"}{{else}}{setting="gl_link"}{{endif}}' data-ipsdialog data-ipsdialog-title="{lang="guidelines"}">{lang="guidelines"}</a></li>




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