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IPS4 Data Storage Method Improvement

Ali Majrashi

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i'm still working locally on 3 IPS4 sites but i got so many issues when i need to transfer it into my live site 

first the the system do not auto detect the locations of the upload and datastore directories nor update the cached files to get the new URL 

i end up using this file 


it's fine but it's not alwayes working some time i end up with skin issues or malfunctioning site because of it

(specially if i use MySQL Database as my storage engine locally and tried uploading it to my site)

so can we have at least the options to trigger updating the cached files from ACP or make IPS4 Autodetect all of that if new url or new Directory was found rebuild cached file to reflect the new changes 

IPS4 already advanced and ahead in so many area would love to see this improved in the future release 

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