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Change save original size image in the Gallery


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Required setting of the Gallery, allowing you to save the original image with the specified size (in px and MB) (example, compress up to 2000px in width and/or height, and not more than 5MB). Explain why it is needed.

Currently, the maximum size (in MB) uploaded file in the image Gallery is governed by the max_upload parameter server, and if I find it unacceptable that users can upload an image larger than 5MB, I need to adjust the configuration of your server max_upload = 5MB, but then if users want to upload videos, they will not be able to upload a video more than 5MB... it's very limited...

If you make the max_upload parameter more (50-100MB), users will be able to upload videos, but the size of the original images can be up to specified max_upload size... I want my users uploaded image size is 10-20MB, users usually do not even think the size of the uploaded file...

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