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I've attached a video which is 5 minutes long (apologies). I want to put this to the forum members as I believe this to be a serious bug in the software.

I've just (about too) log a client critical ticket, as new posts are not appearing. I have new posts within the bug tracker on our site which are not appearing but clear from notifications that new replies have been made. We have serious issues with response times and MySQL gone away errors, I'm no expert and I'm not disputing what IPS are saying but I'am questioning it.

Image showing new post


No new post waiting


Notification of new reply to bug


No reply showing in the bug


These MySQL gone away errors have only and I repeat only occurred since switching to IPS4 (nothing else has changed).

I even have a test site with the exact same database, on a new 80GB, SSD server, with 3,25GB dedicated RAM and share of 24 cores with Knownhost and the same MySQL errors occur and the same speed issues exist.

To me, this seems to be software based?

The big issue and it is a serious one, is the missing posts, in the video below, you can see the issue (which happens on custom theme and the default IPS theme) - you can also see how slow the forum is, other applications are "slowish" but nowhere near as slow as the forum application itself.


I'm in need of assistance on this and would be greatful for some help and advice from the more knowledgeable among us.

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Please consider heeding the advice provided in your most recent support request -- disabling all third party apps and ensuring you're testing the database in a stock state. As noted, even your calendar page loads unbelievably slow. You've had corrupt tables, MySQL errors and the mysqltuner results you posted indicate a my.cnf that needs heavy optimization... the issue may be you don't have a lot of resources to make the necessary optimizations. 

Please start with getting the site to a near-stock site and see what happens. You have a lot going on with your current site, so let's get back to basics and see what happens. Also note, significant performance improvements have been made for 4.0.3 and 4.0.4. There's nothing, however, that would be making your site perform so slow at present. 

Let us know, either here or in the ticket how reverting to stock works out. Sorry you're having difficulty. 

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I appreciate Lindy and I know the my.cnf needs optimisation but this is the exact same setup that was used to run 3.4.7, nothing has changed. I'm going optimise it this morning as well as disable all 3rd party apps/plugins.

It will be stock and we can work together to find the root cause.

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@Lindy @Rhett - I haven't changed anything within my.cnf yet but


Currently on the last rebuild, whatever was changed in the recent build has fixed this issue and things appear a lot faster now as well (still needing to make changes ourselves though, but a noticable difference) - thank you.


Thanks for the info Craig, there has been some big changes in 403 to account for resources and also the rebuilding, I'm glad to hear the positive feedback. :) 

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Well, I updated to Apache 2.2.29 and PHP 5.5.24, MySQL is still on 5.6.23, I enabled Keep Alive & for some reason Mod_Deflate was not installed. I have no cache optimisation installed as 5.5 includes zend opcache as standard.

This is following results (no my.cnf changes yet)





Gallery - (being penalised as the upload directoy still points to the old directory /orum/uploads rather than /uploads)






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