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Daniel Turner

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Hi there

I am on a Cloud-Community, and have been logging into the ACP on my forum to see this message - which has been there for a while.


New Version Available:


A new version of IP.Board is available now. Click here for more information.

Now, I have read through all the guides on the Main Website about upgrading, and assume I have to log into the Client Area on the Main IPB Website and press a button there to start the upgrade process. However, that button doesn't seem to exist in the way it seems to in the guide, and I can't find it anywhere else.

Now, despite the distinct possibility of looking like an absolute idiot by posting this, how do I upgrade my site to 3.4.7, and/ or IPB 4 when the time comes?

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My wife had to do an update request via the Client Area to update to 4.0.  You have to sign a disclaimer and answer some questions:

"I understand that I am requesting Invision Power Services (IPS) perform an upgrade to my community suite on my behalf and the timeframe for such upgrade can be up to 7 business days. IPS will upgrade all active IPS products as part of this upgrade.

This upgrade will result in the loss of all custom changes such as skins, images, or other modifications. All base data, including: members, forums, topics, posts, etc. will remain intact.

I understand that unless I am on an IPS Community in the Cloud plan, it is my responsibility to perform a backup of the database, skins, and important files before the upgrade request is entered.

By completing this upgrade request, I agree that a backup has been made to restore my software and data in the event of upgrade issues.

Additionally, please carefully review the following changes for your community and provide us with your preference for each option:

User / Display Names
Usernames and display names have been merged in IPS4. As the administrator, you may select which to keep during the upgrade process. Please note that this field will be the publicly displayed field for the user. Would you like to retain usernames or display names?

Friends / Followers
Instead of friends, IPS4 features followers. A member now has the ability to follow another member without that being automatically reciprocal. You have the option of converting friends to followers, but please beware that this option may result in undesired notifications based on new content from followed members and we do NOT recommend you opt to convert. Would you like to convert friends data?

Question and Answer Forums
Previous versions of the software allowed enabling of "Mark as Solved" on a per-forum basis. IPS4 enhances this functionality by allowing members to ask questions and rate their answers. Would you like to convert existing "solved" topics or leave them as-is?

Support will be busy at this time so you should expect to wait for up to a week.

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