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Commerce - Ad Widgets / Blocks

Ocean West

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there needs to be a widget for ad blocks that allows customization.

Single ad - to be placed in a block location selected by id / name

Rotation of ads by size - location ( banner / sidebar)

Stacked / Racked  - adds grouped by size or "custom location"  and presented either stacked vertically or racked horizontally - randomly sorted each load or some other order first / last or last / first - or by popularity

allow for tweaking any css for the framing / background of the ad 

allow for rounding corners of square ads ( thru css)

allow for adding shadows

allow for adjustments in spacing between S & R ads and wrapping considerations

allow to selection from multi size ads (responsive sizes ) to use in other locations 


** Custom INGORE GLOBAL ADD per page **
there should be some setting on a particular page when editing blocks  to DISABLE "GLOBAL" ads on that page.




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