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Runescape Post Ranks/Pips


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File name: Runescape Post Ranks/Pips
Submitter: Cabola
Submitted: 26th April 2015
Category: Other style options
Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x

About This File

A custom collection of 29 Runescape Headwear Post Ranks/Pips.

To Install:

  • Step 1) Upload the content of the 'upload' folder to your forums root folder, preserving the directory structure. The images should end up in 'public/style_extra/team_icons/'.
  • Step 2) Once you have uploaded all of the files, visit the Admin CP under Members  >  Manage Member Ranks  >  Member Rank Set Up
  • Step 3) Edit the first rank and under "Number of pips" type "rspr-XX.gif" replace XX with a number from 01 to 29. Ex. "rspr-08.gif" to get the Dragon Full Helm post icon.
  • Step 4) Save and Edit each sequential rank in the same manner as in Step 3.

To Uninstall:

  • Delete all images beginning with "rspr" from 'public/style_extra/team_icons/'.


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