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How to prevent animated gif avatars?


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They. Are. So. Annoying.

Is there a simple way to prevent them being used? There used to be an option in IPB 3.


Good thing to do fairy quick is to lower the photo storage size .. GIF's are mostly on the large kb size ..




The other thing will be converting whatever is GIF to PNG/JPEG .. non-existing for now .. 

Or you can use the code that limits the user to upload bigger width/height and write some snippet in between that checks the extension of the filename .. if GIF then warning ..



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The size thing is a bit too restrictive. And the insane .gif someone just posted that prompted this request was only 40KB so...

Forcing conversion might be an option, I'll see if I can hack the code.

But @Charles please consider re-adding the option to do this. It's very disruptive when idiots upload flashing psychedelic photos - that's why the option used to exist :) 

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