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Some issues with translating


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There are some "untranslatable" Keys. I understand in english its more simple as there is only this "the" article: for example key "go_to_this_x"

Go to this %s

Can be a comment or a report or whatever.

In other languages there are several articles beside "the", german has "der", "die", "das" - french has "le", "la" and I imagine others might come with even more.

But this makes this key some sort of "untranslateable":

Gehe zu diesem Beitrag
Gehe zu dieser Meldung


There are quite a few language keys that are affected by this (email_content_reported, ...). And it is especially hard to guess what is filled in into these placeholders.

I understand one would want to be able to build together translations out of single words but for "comment" there could be "ein Kommentar", "den Kommentar", "diesem Kommentar" - it's just not working to translate comment with "Kommentar" and trying to place it into a sentence without reflecting the context and the required article - in the end there is a Grammar in a language - it's not like math where 2 + 3 + 1 == 1 + 3 + 2 is fine.

So I would like to suggest (although it implies some redundancy) to be more specific with the used translation keys.


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