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Block Manager & Email Validation

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So not too sure whats going on and ip staff can't seem to figure it out either but Im having issues when customers sign up with an outlook account. They just don't seem to get the validation email. Iv created a real email (setup through cpanel) and I'm using the php mail settings because smtp won't accept the settings given through cpanel. The other thing iv tried was using an outlook account but even using an outlook email setup through the mail settings, nothing is resolved. Now iv checked to see if my server ip is blocked but thats not the case and it only seems to happen with ip boards. Im using whmcs on the same server and another program and they send validation emails no problem. Even with emails iv never created. So its not my server.

The Last thing is block manager, it won't let me drag any blocks into available slots... Iv tried using chrome and safari on my mac, as well as tried using i.e. on my pc and nothing worked. Am I using block manager wrong? This is both on my personal theme or the regular ip theme. Keep in mind iv tried disabling and 3rd party plugin.

Hopefully someone has a fix as this is really crucial I get the validation system setup and well block manger is as important... Otherwise I'm limited at this point. My domain is redvsblue.tv if anyone wants to setup an account and help me out. Or if you have a fix, please please please post it here so that I'm able to get this resolved. 


Abdul Rahim

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Yes, it's a brand new domain. 



Let some of your friends add your email address(es) manually into "Safe Senders" .. in live.com ..

This needs to be done as a start to allow and to pass the servers of Hotmail .. otherwise you will not go anywhere ..

Make some extra Hotmail addresses and with "Safe Senders" and send yourself some emails, avoid the Junk folder .. they can not be in there!!!

leave those emails in your inbox for a while .. till you notice that people can receive your emails without setting the "Safe Senders" option ..

And don't send anything yet that will make people dump your email in their Junk folder ..




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