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Adriano Faria

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Yes, I can see everyones and thought each use could also see everyones.  They asked where to find it, I even gave them pictures to help.  Several people tried looking at several other profiles and could not see anything.  Then they tried their own and it worked.  I just signed in as a user and cannot see the Name History link.


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If I remember well, only Admins and profile owner can view it. I'll take a look tomorrow.

​Tomorrow!  That's outrageous!  For what I paid I expect this fixed now!!!


I really do appreciate you creating this, our small but active site is just for fun and people like to change their names.

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"Sam A" had posted a feedback about this hook :

I've added this to my board for all my staff but also as a perk for a a paid member group, but it seems it only shows for groups that have permission to edit a profile. Is this correct? I have selected the paid member group from the dropdown within the plugin settings but they definitely do not have the option when viewing another user's profile.

I also have forum moderators that do not have the ability to edit a user's profile and they are unable to view the display name history as well, despite being selected within the plugin's settings.

I have verified this myself.

Thanks for any assistance!

And I've the same problem on my board (


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"Uniform" is a paid theme ($30). You don't expect me to buy it to test my tiny free resource, right? :tongue:

General rule: All resources are done and tested on default theme, mainly this kind of plugin that has a theme hook (needs to find an exact "text" on template), thus it is supported only on default theme or in themes in compliance with default one). If your theme is heavily modified, then probably the skinner changed the CSS selector required by the theme hook.

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