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I've got a new update ready that is just being tested a bit more by a few others and then will be released soon. (Because of the previous update causing problems, I'm a bit more cautious this release.

The update has been uploaded and is pending approval.

The Auto Welcome app has been updated with a few more bug fixes and re-organizing of the admin settings. I've also confirmed IP.Board 4.3.x compatibility as well.

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On 11/9/2015, 11:46:11, Mike John said:

Can anyone confirm the new PM icon not working as well? My initial testing seems to work fine.

I'm not getting a PM icon either. The PM is there. Just no icon. Notification settings are set correctly. And a regular PM works as expected.

As soon as I send a regular PM to the new member, I get a 1 on the notification icon, and 2 on the PM. Before that nothing.

Edit: I'm running IPB

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On 7/12/2015 at 0:36 PM, NoGi said:

, is it possible to hyperlink the username to go to the profile?

%profile_link% quick tag should do this and include username.

On 8/12/2015 at 2:34 AM, Hendrik Martin said:

i cant disable "email welcome" in 4.1. It says:  EX4096 Something went wrong, please try it again.

I'm not able to reproduce this locally. I'll need acp and ftp login details to troubleshoot further.

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2 hours ago, Mike John said:

I'm not able to reproduce this locally. I'll need acp and ftp login details to troubleshoot further.

The issue is that it's trying to save the member object instead of just the member id. Should be something like this in \applications\autowelcome\modules\admin\settings\settings.php:

			if ( !empty( $values[ 'aw_pm_from' ] ) and $values[ 'aw_pm_from' ]->member_id )
				$values[ 'aw_pm_from' ] = $values[ 'aw_pm_from' ]->member_id;

			if ( !empty( $values[ 'aw_email_from' ] ) and $values[ 'aw_email_from' ]->member_id )
				$values[ 'aw_email_from' ] = $values[ 'aw_email_from' ]->member_id;

			if ( !empty( $values[ 'aw_topic_author' ] ) and $values[ 'aw_topic_author' ]->member_id )
				$values[ 'aw_topic_author' ] = $values[ 'aw_topic_author' ]->member_id;

			$form->saveAsSettings( $values );


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