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[IP.Downloads] External files instead of self-hosted


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Consider the following.

We want to make a large database of files that would not be hosted on our server. In fact we don't want to upload anything larger than 100 MB. We wish to link to external storage were the file already exists (for instance Mediafire, they offer easy file rehosting service, so no necessity to download&upload files through on your own, plus files are directly accessible).

So my question is: is it possible to disable 'upload a file' prompt and skip this step completely, then using a custom field with external url mirror replace the link with this field for "Download this file" button? 

In other words, instead of uploading large files through the panel, we host these files with 3rd party service and we wish to use direct links to these files instead of uploading them to IP.Downloads again.

Would this be possible, if so, would it require a special hook?




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Agree, i want this as well. Or, some way that if we have a remote server it will not go through our server but directly to the remote one. Atm, all files passes through the main web server.. which is useless and makes both servers use bandwidth for no reason, when only one needs to.

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We have this feature in ipb 3.4.7..:sad:

​Well I didn't know this feature existed in IPB3!

That's the only thing keeping me away from purchasing IPDownloads, and I'm already using IPB4. There's no problem hosting smaller files, but once a bigger one needs to be added, it's pointless to utilize server resources, if the file can be delivered faster with 3rd party service.

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All is kept and working. But as far as I can see, I can not create new download files that are remotely hosted.

I imagine IPS plan to do it in future.

That's all I need to know. IPDownloads is a great tool judging from my test suite, but if they are not bringing this option back in foreseeable future, I might have to look for other solutions. Or maybe, someone will come up with a hook/plugin.

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On 22/4/2015 at 22:29, estan said:

Hmm, sembra che non abbia ragione. L'invio di URL per i download è un gruppo di impostazioni. Vedi allegato di seguito.


Quindi, siamo tutti bravi, credo. :)

L'opzione è disponibile in IPS 4.0

thx man ;)

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