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File System in IPS4 Feature Plan


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I check File System in IPS4 Feature Plan, and see 

Relative URLs

We store the full URL in our database to reference the location of the files. This is required if you are using AWS S3, FTP, or any other external file storage method. However, if you are using local file storage we are going to add in the option to use relative URLs. This will allow for easier management if you choose to change the base URL of your Suite. Example: rather than //community.invisionpower.com/file it would just store /file in the config.

May I please request relative URLs for all options? I know we use relative URLs in IPS 3.4, it works really perfect, and I see nothing why you change to use full URL in IPS4.

Many people are complaining that they have no ideas to configure Amazon CDN, I guess you are going to add an option to Amazon File Storage, which we can use our own domain(putting in an override root URL), right? Then if we have saved full URLs in our database, is it easy to upgrade to use that new option? We absolutely can use relative URLs for all, and define our own root URL for any storage opions.

And it is also very difficult to upgrade from 3.4 to 4.0, I saved filename in record_location and use 3rd storage type, but you change it to /filename after upgrade.

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