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Any chances you could make an option to ALWAYS display the second level of the ACP menu

It is really really irritating to always have the second menu above the members or other pages...appearing and disapearing when you are going from screens to screens

Also there is no way to tell where you are besides the title of the page...but where is the CALENDAR page I am looking at under? Is it under System? Application? (not a question just an example). With the second menu always there you would be able to tell where you are and in the case of the members page you would not have that menu hover above the names or the content of the right frame/table/page

I would really really love to have and option to make it sticky and not hover

I know you are trying to gain space but it is more annoying than helping

Since the width is 100% it really does not save a lot of space to always have the second menu showing imo

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