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cannot convert to utf8 database, need different locales?

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after using the ips utf8 converter it turns out all japanese characters converted into nonsense symbols.


from what ips staff said: Unfortunately the issue with characters is due to incorrect locales on your server that support UTF8 so you will need to ensure that the correct locales are on the server itself.


my server is using utf8 so im not sure what i should change :S and which locales to go for



  • server: Localhost via UNIX socket
  • Server type: MySQL
  • Server version: 5.6.22 - MySQL Community Server (GPL)
  • Protocol version: 10
  • Server charset: UTF-8 Unicode (utf8)
  • nginx/1.6.2
  • Database client version: libmysql - mysqlnd 5.0.10 - 20111026 - $Id: c85105d7c6f7d70d609bb4c000257868a40840ab $
  • PHP extension: mysqli

edit: nvm the ips staff got it wrong, it seems my database got issue converting to utf8 while brand new installation works just fine

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