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Status updates missing from New Content


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We should at least have the option to include these. They are full-featured now since you added the full editor and attachment ability, they are basically forum/blog type posts made directly from their page. It is content and should be in New Content and Activity Stream.


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What is the most active function in the Facebook news feed? Status updates!

Still don't understand why they are not in New Content and Activity Stream.

  • A status update is activity.
  • A status update is (or can be) content, especially now with the full editor... they can include pics, etc. SAME as a blog or forum post.

If they appeared in results people would post directly from their pages more with real content. It would make communities more active and integrated.

Some may disagree, but that's why I suggest it as an option.

Status Updates appear in New Content and Activity Stream? (Or even separate, but these are merging anyway according to Feature Plan)

Simple. Thanks!


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