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I'm stuck, please help

Lord Dom

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Alright this is the tab that I'm on: 


I believe the above tab is the one that controls creating like the header of the forum like not the actual header, here's an example:


^ I want to make those with like the header on top and then inside of it is the forums you can post in, but I can't figure out how to do it. What do I put it under, do I mess with the "parent" settings, Also how do I enable the status thing o the right side where you can post your status? These are some of the many features I'd like to know how to do. here's some more pictures of what I'm trying to achieve hopefully someone with the proper knowledge can share these desired details with me, thank you very much.

http://gyazo.com/2129e9a4a79749c16a84b1756af102dd (the box and how it's created and how you can edit it)

http://gyazo.com/5020f66be6defb9d20da126a58c850ee (these 3, refer to the next picture coming up they go down, recent topics, viewed now and status how do I manipulate those and choose to enable them or implement them, but also able to delete ones I don't like etc)

http://gyazo.com/0f3f888b5cbe09424fcf445d9a183d76 (goes with the above explanation)

http://gyazo.com/3ffb3e8a106440159be5ce0ce543e2bc (how to add this icon in this specific area like the beginning of each post-able forums and also how do I make it so only members can view a certain forums when others can't)

http://gyazo.com/59a53e751b565a944ae5bf86f7f49779 (how do I create custom templates like this and add whatever I want like "web developer, etc and to choose colors and upload my own design etc and what is the specific name of this)

http://gyazo.com/ab59778a8f1a266f4a3c2a41933bd999 (colored ranks and whos on and how many are on is this able to be re-created, but obviously not the same exact skin because it's paid for or what not)

http://gyazo.com/92d573c1f7f68c804f65a01d00df9d8f (and how do I position a video somewhere on my page and text like if I wanted my own personal GFX uploaded to the website and how do I specifically position it)

and if you could link me to any tutorials because every time I look up one it's all about installing the nulled version, also if you could link me to a live chat that works with this because the live chat on this website seems to be always down, I'll try contacting tickets as well.


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