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[commerce] Deleting Products/Coupons

Ocean West

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Deleting a coupon is fine. But why? It is logged on the invoice, I would not delete it, just expire it or put 0 uses.

Don't delete the package just make it inactive. I'm not sure if it gives you options when you delete it but if it is a subscription, it will mess it up yes. How would it know when to expire it, etc.?

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Will deleting existing products or coupons affect any existing operating customer who is on a subscription, or who purchase a product?




Changing your products in ACP or removing them will not effect on already purchased products by your customers ..

I've just demo test it again .. all settings from a specific product that your customer bought are ported to their account ..

Even if you had product A at 49$ and changed product A to 59$ later, customers that bought at 49$ will still keep 49$.


So deleting products is just fine (or changing)



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