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Status updates good Blog replacement? Show status updates in NC (option). Why are they not in Activity Stream?


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Since status updates have the full editor now, and you can upload images and make a full-featured post, they are kind of like blogs. And being able to post directly from your member page is much more user friendly. I feel if I could get the status updates to show in New Content, it would be a good replacement for blogs (which are hardly used on my sites). We seem to be moving more to the FB style of things, and I think my sites would benefit from this.

I'd like to suggest the ability (as I know some won't want it) to show status updates in New Content.

Adding to my other suggestion of a multi-select content type in NC, so you can filter out whatever you don't want to see in NC yourself. As of now you can only select all or one.

I also find it strange status updates are not in Activity Stream. It is definitely activity. 


PS. Of course you could still use Blogs, but I'd like this ability, I think it would increase activity.


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