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Keep in mind that a sub forum will require a SSL cert or a wildcard cert to cover it.  If you are not using SSL then it's all preference with one big exception.  The sub domain is seen a bit different for SEO, this is from a Moz article.

5. Subdomains or Sub-folders

Since search engines keep different metrics for domains than they do subdomains, it is recommended that webmasters place link-worthy content like blogs in subfolders rather than subdomains. (i.e. www.example.com/blog/ rather than blog.example.com) The notable exceptions to this are language-specific websites. (i.e., en.example.com for the English version of the website).


Simply something to think on.

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On 4/15/2015 at 7:09 AM, Methodology said:

Which is better for a forum attached to a news website?







I prefer www.mysite.com/forums because the first part of the URL wouldn't change and this makes it look like it's part of the same website.

A subdomain might be preferable if you're trying to distinguish a separation like for example if you want to make it look like the news on your website are from the official website and everything else on the forum is community led content.

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Hi, new here, in my URL, l only see envision, and after paying l expected an area where l could put my prefered URL name in, but saw nothing?

Where would l go to do that, or do l need to go to Godaddy and input the nameserves here instead?


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