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Moving Uploads

Ocean West

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Someone from IPS please correct me if I am wrong.

I was using the File > Storage Settings > Configurations to move some things into a sub director inside uploads.


Basically moving all 'store' related attachments in to this directory - and after doing this of course the system goes in to 'background process' moving stuff

But that completed about 2 days ago - currently  in the files settings  there is a message: Screen_Shot_2015-04-15_at_1.41.52_AM.thu

I think from another ticket that there actually still is some "move process" going on - because looking at the FTP of the directories things are not in a "normal" state.

Suggestion: If indeed these things are tasks that are still being performed this notice must be present on the DASHBOARD, I had thought that some directories were leftovers and almost deleted them. And there is no 'progress' bar for this task to indicate when it will complete.

Couldn't I have just manually moved the files in to the other folder manually thru ftp then updated the path which would only update the references in the database?

That move would have taken a second since its just moving into another directory.


I am not in the need to use another service for Amazon or such but what of people who did move their files to another service, and then for some reason has to expedite moving their files away from said service and don't have the luxury of waiting days/weeks/or months for the files to migrate, but are able to compress download or server to server move the remote directory?

I would imagine that move would be minimal in comparison to the file by file move that i think the system is performing, in the background


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