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V4.0.0 Upgrade - Issues


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We upgraded on Friday and I'm beginning to regret that decision.

Something is wrong with V4 and it is not worth the upgrade hassle that has occurred since upgrading, to the extent I'm seriously considering a roll back to V3.4.7. A few issues we have.

  • Pagination, slow and causes the next page not to load, with EX0 error and requires a page reload for content to load (had to use this plugin to disabled pagination). 
  • Clicking on logo to go back home, causes EX0 error http://i.gyazo.com/de8c2df0bb119e4fb9696e901d7b9e92.png (intermittent)
  • Speed, so much slower thant what V3.4 was, it is so slow.
  • Can't access member from the ACP - error EX2 http://i.gyazo.com/db33369e00adfb696923ece13b6457a6.png
  • WYSIWYG editor from sidebar pages is missing completely - not being used anywhere
  • Status update side bar missing even when it's active
  • Applications cannot be added error EX2

This is just some of the issues I have incurred and I have raised a ticket regarding it. However I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing similar issues. It's at the stage were everyone from members to staff are saying this software is nowhere near ready for release.

This biggest and most concerning issue, is missing content - yes missing content.

This images shows the featured topics and it also shows the EX0 error

What you'll see is from the 2nd feature topics, is that Hells Warrrior is the last poster (that's me btw). It was a simple "test" post with test in the content area. You can see from this image, that it says 13 pages exist.

So click on the last post and this is the url 178987-cod-2015-viral-campaign-videopictures-codz-official-discussion-thread/&page=13#comment-1728234 it doesn't find the post I made.

I thought it might have been because ajax pagination was disabled, so I disabled that but it does nothing. still shows only 13 pages, yet we do get the information to say 25 new replies exist but they simply aren't showing.

This is extremely concerning.

On top of all that, background processes appear to be stuck as well. All reported but is anyone else having similar issues?

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It is better to open reports in bugtracker separately for each issue.

The last one issue with "25 new replies" is very concerning. I had the same on my upgraded forum and open bug report couple of weeks ago. Saw at least 2 similar reports in bugtracker (by Kirill N and others). Still not fixed.

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It's being looked at, plugins causing some if not all the issue's but just uninstalled all the plugins and now have a 500 error, site, acp, upgrade all inaccessible.

The missing content is a concern, I'll raise the bug but generally if it is a bug they will raise in the internal bug tracker.

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