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Allow users to add Flickr (+others) images to gallery


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I've previously run photography forums on which we loved to host our own galleries, but this presented a problem around storage cost when there are already cheap and free storage solutions available.

Similar to the request around putting YouTube videos in the gallery, I'd like the ability to make use of some of the available third party photo storage services already available. Photography wise there's:

There are more but the two above would probably represent the most prominent services available for photographers.

There's also sites like DeviantArt (http://www.deviantart.com/) that would be equally beneficial to be able to link to.

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I have some doubts that what you want is possible. All these services are perfectly fine with letting users embed specific items on external sites. But I doubt that they let you recreate a similar service (e.g. a gallery site) by letting the service handle all the storage and delivery basically free of charge. If you look at the Flickr API terms of use it’s pretty clear that such a thing would not be allowed. 

You could probably write all sorts of importers and exporters, show thumbnail galleries that link to those sites and so on. But you can’t built your own full-fledged gallery site on top of them. 

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