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Need help with the EventSidebar code - Dsiplaying a flag under RSVPs


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Can someone help me with the correct syntax here

            <div id="ipsTabs_elAttendees{$tabId}_elNotGoing_panel" class='ipsTabs_panel ipsAreaBackground_reset ipsPad'>
                {{if count($attendees[0]) }}
                    <ul class='ipsGrid ipsList_reset'>
                        {{foreach $attendees[0] as $attendee}}
                            <li class='ipsGrid_span3' itemprop='attendee' itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Person">
                                 <a href='{$attendee->url()}' itemprop='url' title="{$attendee->name}" data-ipsTooltip>
                                     <img src='{$attendee->photo}' class='ipsUserPhoto ipsUserPhoto_mini' alt='' itemprop='image'>
                                     <span class='ipsHide' itemprop='name'>{$attendee->name}</span>
                               <span class='ft'>{title}: </span><span class='fc'><img src='/images/flags/{content}.gif' /> {content}</span>
                    <p class='ipsType_light ipsPad ipsType_center'>{lang="no_decline_rsvps_yet"}</p>

See the span class in the middle with {title} etc? I want to copy it from the Profile code I use to display a flag under the tiny photo of people who have rsvp'ed so that it basically would show


FROM (image of flag)

Which I think is great and can be modified to be used with Company Name instead so you can see who from which company is coming to an event

Here the {title} from the custom profile is FROM and the {content} is the custom drop down entry they selected for their country...so this should pick up the small image of the flag of their country. But I don t know how to code this and would appreciate if someone can help me :)

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