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4.0.0 Speed test


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Nothing special with the Apache server - caching and gzip compression /htaccess/
I use several large sprite images, cookie- free domain /css,js,img/, etc.
ISlow was removed with 90 points from 88 after activation of Google Analytics /RC7a/.

Now in 4.0.0 rose by 3 points

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It will be better if you post exacty the line that you add so other users can benefit from it :)


One developer is being dedicated to performance next week

That's great :)

Revenge FNF post a nice find also about an sql query that creates a tmp table and should be fixed.

In general it will be great to have optimizations most for SQL query stuff and java and ......


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switching to javascript bevore the body tag my header ad will not show anymore...

Do the following:

1.Create a subdomain of your server - type cookie-free. Here's an example:


2. ACP -> System -> Files -> Storage settings -> Configurations

- Create Storage Metod type File System in which URL= http://stat.example.com

- In the Storage Setting of  "Theme Resources", from the drop-down menu indicate the second method and Save.

- wait for completion of background processes.

3. Then use "Javascript include location" ->"Just before </body> tag".


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Homepage is about 1Mb

If you want - see the site alone


​Well you website is not big at all, very light content (you do not have a big database to deal with)

I am wondering if anyone over there have over 100 thousand members and over 1 million posts and gallery, blog, more take the same test and reveal the result here???

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