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Bulk uploaded images please treat as one entry line in New Content, thanks.


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There is going to be a problem with images flooding New Content on photo heavy sites. Please treat one bulk upload as one action, and list the action. Something like:

"member" uploaded "156" images to album "demo"


You can see the flooding here:


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No!  I insist that you check out every single one of my amazing images of Madagascar! 4068492814_b47ff182f0.thumb.jpg.e9d97e71 Think about the cute baby lemurs!  

Kidding.  As the uploader of those images and the gatekeeper to the Great Flood, even I agree :thumbsup:

It was one batch upload into an album / category for me.

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I wish this could be addressed. There's constant flooding with album uploads on image heavy sites, for pages and pages in NC. Even on this site where people barely use it. Why can't it say:

John has uploaded 108 images to Album 3.
(Show a few mini-thumbs)



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