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https/log in form/no pop-up


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I spent money for a ssl for a reason. so people know the information they're putting in is secure.. I've mentioned this in the bug section before. If someones shopping they need to know everywhere that's secure is secure. How is the average shopper who's been trained to look for a ssl before entering any information going to feel safe at a site they need to make a guess if the site page is secure or login or any form or part of the site is secure if the ssl doesn't show in the address bar?

You can see here in this bug report what Mark H says
For anyone reading... it's not obvious, but the form action is using https.​

It should be obvious as the nose on someones face and again in Billing in 7a yet again there is no ssl in the address bar saying they are in a secure area. Funny how IPB's own billing section shows the ssl and it never has in the actual software we purchase. So our customers don't get the honor of knowing they are secure in the billing area?

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