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Anyone else struggling with mobile Chrome?


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Using mobile Chrome (on iOS) to browse these forums. The major glitch is that when I open a thread and click on the quick reply box it doesn't register any of my typing - it seems to require me to tap in and out of the editor several times before it finally stops glitching and accepts my input. 

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I've just tested on Safari as well and that's similar, but it manifests itself quite differently.

On Chrome I have to tap the editor twice. The first time the keyboard shows none of the characters will register. The second time I tap the editor they will.

On Safari the first time I tap the editor it focuses on it and the editor expands, but no keyboard loads. The second tap then deselects the editor entirely. A third tap then loads the keyboard and I can type.

I also noticed that in portrait orientation tapping the editor seemed to "zoom" the display and I needed to pinch to resize. Not ideal on a responsive skin.

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