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Content I Never Seen / I have read on the past


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I am asking for a flag special permise a user to view content readed on the past, and filter that also based on is marked as unread (there are new message) or read (don't have new content to read, you have already read all them).

This could be useful on stats for each members (how many topic, comment, article... have read this?) and assign a custom award with [HQ] Awards and similar, or notification if a readed topic have a new replies, or show all user that have readed this content...

following image show the idea:

for content where i partecipate the icon is "star" (have much priority than readed in the past)

additional: show your last view of content.

add a item/column on board index of read content on this forum (useful to check what content i see often)





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