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Feature request - staff posts


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If this is actually in IPS4 then apologies, but if it is then I am as blind as a bat and twice as ugly as one.

When browsing forums of popular games makers some of the forums allow users to easily locate staff posts in a given thread using a 'go to next staff reply' feature. This is particularly useful in fast flowing threads where there is a lot of "noise" and all you really want to find is a staff response

I'd like to see this feature added to the board module of IPS4 so members can easily locate staff responses in threads without the need to actually navigate and scan the threads for the staff.

I can't possibly overstate how useful and user friendly this feature is in other forums I read. It would, in my opinion, make a good addition to the suite.

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I guess it's always a difficult challenge what should ship with the app verses what should be a 3rd party mod.  I wonder what their process is for determining this? Surely if it's something that almost everybody would need regularly it's not bloat. However, where is the cut off? If 51% need it's that's a majority but then there are 49% who have a feature that they don't need. 

It's a trade off of features vs speed. Every time something gets added, it's a bit more code that must be crunched and maintained. Means slower over all system and more difficult to upgrade/support. I can see how this feature would be very useful on some sites. On mine it wouldn't be used at all.

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It seems to me that this becomes mostly useless on boards where the staff are actually participating members of the community.

Mine is an example. Me and my moderators post regular posts all the time.

I guess you could make it so that the post could be marked as an "official" post but I'm guessing that's probably something more suitable for mod developers to tackle as the use cases for this seem limited to me.

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I personally see this niche. Seems like something that would bloat people's ego.

That's not the purpose and I fail to see how it would be used as such. It's giving users the ability to find staff posts, not for staff to push their posts.

​On unprofessional / informal boards maybe, but it could definitely be a selling point for companies.

​That's exactly the suggestion.

An example: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/13987651308

You can jump to the first staff post using a button at the top of the thread and then jump to subsequent staff replies using another button each staff reply.

Blizzard is an obvious good choice, but even smaller companies with a moderately active user base could use this.

We organise events on one board I use and highlighting staff replies would help people find information provided by the staff in relation to organising the events.

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