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Pages: filter results need non-personal, non-session-based URLs


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I think it’s pretty standard: I can filter for example Amazon books to the category “biographies & memoirs” and “last 30 days” and then I can just copy the URL as bookmark, share it in an email or social network and so on. 

It worked the same way in IP.Content, but it seems this is not the default or even possible (?) in Pages. The URLs become invalid after a while and they somehow mix with the personal choices of the user. As a result, the URLs, which people are just expecting to be able to be copied and shared, can lead to different results or no useful results at all. And even more confusing: the filter options are actually shown to be active in the filter section – but the record list doesn’t actually use them. >_< Highly confusing!

I just noticed that on my own 4.0 site. I have an app category with filters for platform, price and purpose. In an article I wanted to link to “Windows” “font managers”. But if I just copy that URL to another browser, it already fails. Am I really supposed to link to the whole category and instruct users to make these filter selections themselves?

I get the concept of saving the personal filter results for later and appreciate that feature, but that should only happen if the user actually chooses to save the filter settings as personal. It should not be the default behaviour or the only option.

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