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Nice looking Custom Projects database. Would love to see a tutorial or templates released to mimic that!


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Strangely, Invision seem to shy away from using either their bug tracker or projects database as "Hello World" examples for IPC/Pages, and have for awhile now.

Their rationale always goes something like "Oh, it's easy to make, plus it's of limited appeal. Use the included media database & articles instead!"

And yet people keep posting threads asking for this... I'm not sure what critical mass would look like, but it's pretty clear to me that they're dead wrong - there would be substantial interest in seeing the tracker and projects systems thoroughly diagrammed, explained, and available for all to easily use.

Don't know what it's gonna take, but I remain hopeful...

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I agree with this.  I definitely think they should offer a blog 'story' of how they came up with such neat uses. 

​By the way: Where should clients put stuff like this? I might explain a few things about Pages here and there—instead of explaining them over and over again in various forum topics. 

But I would want a dedicated place for that, where it’s not hidden among thousands of forum topics. Couldn’t the blog section be opened for that? Or a section in the resources area?

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How do you have Projects and Providers tabs like they have, and in the project posted it either links to the provider's profile or says "This user doesn't have a provider profile yet."

How do you do that? I have a need for a job board and would like employers to have profiles that are linked when they post like here. Seems to go to some kind of form (in the URL) when creating.

Also the Available Services with different colors is cool too. I imagine that is some sort of field with filtering on but how do you get that in their profile?


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Actually, there is a video out there of ??? from IPS assembling the bug tracker - or something like it. It was back in the Alpha/Early Beta days. Lost the link to the video when the alpha site got nuked. 

It was rather nice as he narrated the entire thing as he went through and built it out. Took 11 minutes I think.

I asked for the link to the video a few months back but I don't think anyone found it or replied :(

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