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Advertisment regress on 4.0


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I use Nexus in 3.4.7 for the add parts (and only that) this tool is simple and permit in one form to insert configure the behaviour of adds.

for exemple the location via this simple menu were you have just to hi light your choice and that's all. (bellow 3.4.7 ip.nexus add locations menu)


in 4.0 after migrating i discovered that the systems have "saved" my previous location but like the systems is more complexe i have to manually insert in each template specific code to do the same thing... WTF ? and more on the topic now we have to manually choose one location so if basically i want to do the same thing as previous i have to specify  the Define your own location, know all the key then edit template VS old system??? (below 4.0.0 RC7) OR do one add with one location X all my adds :) (article on key : http://community.invisionpower.com/4docs/advanced-usage/custom-advertisement-locations-r88/)


yes i know the futur skin system permit more works, more customisation etc.. but hey is it possible to get an option to keep the "simple old locations systems ?"


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The old locations are still there. Read above your selection of "define own location": "Just below the page header" and "Just above the page footer"

You don't "have" to define your own locations, it is an option ;) 

The new ad system is very flexible.

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yes but on contrary to the old system this is not "multi selection" this one location at a time so if you want to do the same multi-selection as previous version you need to make multiple add for sections :) (perhaps am'i wrong but my testing so far is in this direction...)

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