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Freind (Follower) Notification Defaults


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I am trying to figure out how to stop all these notifications from Friends/Followers.  Members are getting way to many emails due to the Follower system, and there is no settings in the ACP or the front end to limit what notifications you get from members you follow.  I am aware of a plugin that gives some extra options, however, that does not remove the current default of send me all notifications from this person I just followed.  

I personally do not care what the system is called, Friends or Followers, (as I use it to follow certain members content anyways, not really as a Friends system).  However there should be a way to let members limit what they are notified on, and how they are notified, just like with the majority of all other "followed" content.

I have tried searching, but most threads are filled with arguments for or against the system, making it hard to find if there is a solution to the notifications, their delivery method, and the default notification settings from members you follow.

Thank you, 


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