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4.0 looks awesome

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Agreed. :) I'm very satisfied so far. I've been running IPS 4.0 on my site since Beta 8 because I wanted to contribute with some live testing, and while there's been a few issues here and there, it's all been very smooth all things considered.

The part that I like best about 4.0 is the uniformity; the modularity; the consistency and generally I just think they've laid out a very solid foundation that they can continue to build on. I'm very excited about the release schedule after the first stable version has gone live. :D


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I have to say I am really impressed. It now feels like a complete package with every app behaving like part of a suite, as opposed to bolt ons that are all individually different.

I'm going to upgrade once the performance is addressed. :)


Now that IPS4 is getting real-world usage we have identified many areas where we can increase the performance on the Suite both in areas of CPU/Memory usage and MySQL efficiency. Of course we also have Memcached support and other caching methods we can leverage as well.

IPS4 is certainly not too bad on performance even right now but we wanted to be sure everyone knew we have areas we can improve and you will see those areas get even faster over the next few maintenance releases. The great thing about IPS4 is its modern architecture which allows for a single enhancement to be spread across all the apps instantly. It may be the nerd in us but these sort of capabilities are really exciting!

Keep in mind IPS makes both downloadable software in our licensed version but we also provide hosting service through our Community in the Cloud offering. So of course it's in our best interest on both sides to make our software as efficient as possible.

I also need Shoutbox and the Donation Tracker so will be patiently waiting for Pete and Michael. (IMO the best two mods for IPS!)

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It does look awesome.  I've been using the IPB forum software since 2005 and hadn't been expecting 4.0 to be a huge departure from the familiar architecture --

But recently I tried 4.0 for the first time, and tested the RC5 and RC7 version of the forum, gallery, pages (formerly IP.Content), and the new admin control panel.  I also tested how everything looks on mobile devices.


A lot of extremely clever web programming and design has been going into this 4.0 software.

There are still some minor bugs to be ironed, but it's looking really good.


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