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DMCA copyright take down notice!


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I think in the ACP under System>Terms & Privacy Policy there should ALSO be an option for a DMCA take down notice. It would be wise for most site owners to have this in this day and age. I like that there is an option in the ACP for terms of use and privacy policy. However, there isn't an easy way to setup a DMCA take down request form. 

This can protect site owners from legal non-sense. I think there should be a link in the footer *DMCA copyright* that leads to something like the below. 

DMCA Copyright Notifications

Have your copyrighted works been posted on our site without your permission? Sorry about that. Please complete the form below to submit a copyright claim and we'll look into it. Quick note: If you originally posted the work on our site (as opposed to an external website), and have later seen it re-posted or stripped of attribution, you should contact a moderator instead of using this form.
Also, this isn't the right way to tell us about possible violations of our Community Rules or to submit other claims. Visit support forum for more information to learn about those issues. 

URL of the allegedly infringing work or material

URL 1 *  
URL 2  
URL 3  
URL 4  
URL 5  

URL to source work. This is your original work or material (optional)

Description of the work claimed to be infringed
Description *  

Please provide the following contact information
Your First Name *  
Your Last Name *  
Street Address *  
State/Province *  
Country *  
City *  
ZIP/Postal Code *  
Email Address *  
Phone Number *  

Check the following boxes to state that:
You have a good faith belief that the material is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or law.
UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY, you are the owner, or authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyright or of an exclusive right under the copyright that has allegedly been infringed.
The information provided in this notice is accurate.

Please verify that you are human
reCAPTCHA challenge image
  Get a new challenge  
Get an audio challenge

Typing your full name here acts as your electronic signature
There may be adverse consequences for signing this form if you are making false or bad faith allegations of copyright infringement.
E-Signature *  

Hitting submit will send your request to the OURSITE DMCA designated copyright agent identified as copyright"@"oursite.com
(quotes added to hide from spambots)


PLEASE NOTE: This form should only be submitted by copyright holders or their authorized representatives making a claim under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Unfortunately, this form isn't the proper way to tell us about possible violations of our Community Rules or to submit other claims - to let us know about those issues, please visit our Help Desk. 

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should defiantly be toggled, as thats only a US law

​It can protect anyone.  Suppose someone tries to bring lawsuit against you but hasn't done the due diligence of filling out the take down notice. You have an easy out!. Most people won't fill one out because they don't care enough to give personal information out.

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should defiantly be toggled, as thats only a US law

​Yes it is a US law but it is part of the WIPO treaty which is international. Also I don't believe superj707 is asking IPS to supply the text just the field for a site admin to input their own text like the privacy policy. I would make all that text stuff its own page and link the submission of a claim to the contact form.

Dark Shogun

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Having a DMCA notice on your site is a good start, however, it doesn't offer total legal protection unless you also have a registered agent on file with the U.S. Gov't.  If a party wishes to file a complaint against you and you do not have a registered agent listed, you DMCA statement might not be effective.

Generally, if someone has a complaint, they will contact you through a contact link on your site or look your domain contact information up.  However, legally, you need to have an agent (it can be you) on file to claim safe harbor.

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On 3/29/2015 at 10:25 AM, Jυra said:

I'd rather go with a regular contact form than this. Maybe with customized text telling what to include for whatever situation.

It might be possible to make one with Pages app.. not sure

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DMCA's are a tricky thing. It's not just the matter of including a DMCA notice but also that you need to have an attorney on record to handle your DMCA issues. I don't know many website owners who can afford to have an attorney on record. I've been operating my website for over 10 years now and I have never received a single DMCA notice. 99% of the websites out there, if you're not violating any laws such as those relating to filesharing, don't have anything to worry about. While I do have a removal process posted on my site, I don't allow any ordinary person to send a DMCA. My members post fanart, image scans of magazine covers and whatnot but that I only accept DMCA notices if they come from a legal representative of the copyright holder or owner.

I don't think that IPS should be including a DMCA notice with any installs because that is something that should be done on the IPS user's end. Not every website needs one, which is different than a privacy policy.

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