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Format usernames


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In the postContainer I found out that  {$comment->author()->link( $comment->warningRef() )|raw} is the username of the user that posted a reply and topic. How can I make it formatted?


This is the group format, but for some reason its not outputting the name - rather the group.. How can I make it format the name like that?
{expression="\IPS\Member\Group::load( $comment->author()->member_group_id )->formattedName" raw="true"}


just instead of having that group here, it will only format name with group format:


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{template="userLinkFromData" group="global" app="core" params="$row->author()->member_id, $row->author()->name, $row->author()->members_seo_name, $row->author()->member_group_id"}

Change variables.

​I tried using exact your code but it didn't work, white page. 

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