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pages fields id

Ali Majrashi

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this is not bug but i'm working to convert my pages designs and layouts to the new pages v4 but noticed something when i'm editing the 

recordForm template and try to check if key exist in the loop the $inputName return as content_field_ID id (is the id of the field in DB)

but in the record display template the $fieldId return the actual Template Key that i defined in the ACP which i prefer 

the problem in the old ip.content we can check both with fields id or fields Template Key in record form or display form 

now i'm working in one database with 41 fields and in the records form i divided them in 5 arrays just to make the form more organize and use tabs

the problems is if i exported my DB into any site i need to check and redo my recordForm template and change all IDs to reflect the new and correct ones to display them correctly 

can we have the option to check the actual Template Key in recordForm like in the display template

now i need to redo my array works of 41 items so they work correctly in the display form  [:sad:]

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