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IPS under DOS Attack?

Terry - AKA Dumbledore

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I don't get that, but I get that thing with the captcha that can't be passed through.

​I get the same in Fire Fox.... In IE the pages just time out giving me the "Page Can't be found" page... This has been going on the last 2 or so weeks...

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Are you using an ad blocker? If so, please try whitelisting this site -- the mitigation will challenge suspect requests via javascript and if it doesn't get a response and/or the captcha isn't answered, it will temporarily block you as a suspected bot. 

We don't serve any advertisements here, as you know - so whitelisting the site shouldn't be an issue. 

Unfortunately, until the perpetual attacks subside, we're using a bit more aggressive profile for mitigation. It shouldn't impact most normal users. 

Thanks for your patience -- sorry for the inconvenience. 

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