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Background tasks after upgrade to 4.0?


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After installing 4.0 I get hit with the need to rebuild posts and various other tasks that can either be ran manually or via cron script.  Attempting to do so is taking forever and sending my server CPU load through the roof. I am more than a week into this and only 50% through the first task of rebuilding posts!!!

I am just wondering if someone can explain what exactly is going on during this part of the upgrade? I don't think I really understand.

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I have ~500,000 posts.

Issue was background tasks were stuck in an infinite loop. Dev team is aware and hopefully will fix it so it doesn't happen to others.

​Oh god, I am 5K short of that(hopefully by April end for us <3) and I remember it was taking ages for my test site to rebuild posts. The way it was done on IPB 3.X was so much better. It took all of like an hour.

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