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1 umlaut isn't displayed properly


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I did some translation work on the IPS 4 and I have a problem with a single (yes, only one!) umlaut that I am using. One word, in one phrase, doesn't display the 'ä' correctly, instead it is some weird symbol ( � ). The local code of the language file is correct, also the charset is UTF-8 (if that matters).

Why does this happen? And why does this happen to one word only? Every other phrase and umlaut I use is being displayed correctly. Any ideas?

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Which word?

​In this case it is the German word for March (März), which shows up for example in the calendar and on the user's profile page. The phrase is translated correctly. I also cleared it, saved, translated it again and saved again – which didn't help.

And like I said: All other phrases that contain umlauts do not have this issue. ä ö ü and even the ß... they all show up correctly. Just March (März) isn't working.

It is also no vB conversion, just a plain new translation which has this single issue.

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